Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Friday, August 23, 2013

7 Months Old

Our sweet baby girl turned 7 months old last Tuesday. Like always, she had a great time doing our "photo shoot".  She is such a little ham!

This is such a fun age.  Avery is growing so fast and learning so many new things!  My favorite is that she has learned how to wave.  It is very "royal" like she is in a pageant or a parade.  She does it all the time!  She waves at me and Adam, she waves at everyone in daycare, she waved at Cici on Skype...just about the only time she won't do it is when I try to capture it on video - ha!  This video shows a small little wave, but hopefully I can capture a better one.

She loves to read books too.  There is a book about monsters at daycare that is one of her favorites.  It is a "touch and feel" book and she loved feeling all the different textures so we bought her several to keep at home.  It cracks me up that she actually picks up the books and turns the pages.  A couple of her new books have mirrors so it looks like she is in the book - she loves that!

Things have been a little rough health-wise since she started daycare.  She has already had a cold and 2 ear infections.  Everyone keeps telling us this is normal, but it is so hard to see our super happy baby upset because she is sick.  And this child have her nose wiped.  She will sneeze a super nasty sneeze and before I can get a tissue she wipes it all over her face.  Then when you try to wipe it off, she screams bloody murder.  If I wasn't absolutely opposed to having a snotty nosed little girl, I might be tempted just to leave it on her face.

Aside from getting sick, she seems to be adjusting really well to daycare.  I'm able to go see her everyday at lunch because it is so close to the office.  I get to nurse her and play with her for about 30-40 minutes before heading back to work.  It has really been great to spend that extra time with her.  Here's some pics of us hanging out at lunch...

And this is Avery with her teacher, Mrs. Ashley.  It was a gorgeous day so they were enjoying some time outside.

Avery is still nursing about 7 times/day but we are working on adding some solids to her diet.  She has had:  Bananas, Pears, Avocado, Squash, Zuchinni, Peas, and Greek Yogurt.  I really haven't been doing a good job of introducing new foods and encouraging her to eat.  She does have breakfast every morning, but the evenings are usually so crazy that it's easier just to nurse her and she doesn't eat solids well at daycare.  I also completely took her off solids while she was sick because she wasn't eating much and I wanted everything she had to be milk so she would be getting the most nutrition and fluids possible.  I'm really going to focus on solids this month, I promise :)

Here's a pic of her enjoying some greek yogurt.  The doc had us add this since she was taking antibiotics so it would help her tummy.  She wasn't too sure about it at first, but once I started cheering everytime she took a bite, she starting eating much better. (What can I say?  My child likes praise :))  She really likes to be able to guide the spoon into her mouth herself.  A little messy, but it does the trick. Shelby likes greek yogurt too - she was helping clean it off Avery's hands.

She's a great helper in the craft room.. Here she is playing with her tea set that Cici got her for Christmas while I was doing a little sewing.

And this is just a cute pic of her playing on her pallet.  I love the look on her face!

She brings so much joy to our lives.  I feel like we are the luckiest parents in the world!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

So big!

This little girl sat in a restaurant high chair for the first time today.   She loved it and it made it much easier for us to eat!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Girl's Night

Adam grabbed a beer with a friend after work, so I get to have girl's night with this sweet little girl!
We decided to hang on the pallet surrounded by all her toys. :)

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

First Day of Daycare

Avery started daycare last Monday.  I know it was an adjustment transitioning from staying with her Cici to being around all those other babies, but she has done great!  I love the center that she is at.  Her teachers are great and so is the owner.   She is very involved and even texted to check on Avery after her first day.

She has been fascinated with all the other babies and is definitely the happiest baby in the class.  Her teachers hope she rubs off on some of the other babies :)  Luckily it's so close to the office that I have been able to go see her everyday at lunch to nurse her and play.  

Unfortunately,  she got her first cold on Friday.   She had a slight fever and was feeling pretty rough all weekend.   I took her to the doc on Monday and she has an ear infection too.  I felt so sorry for my poor baby.  Luckily she seems to be feeling better,  but not quite 100%.  

Poor, sick baby

Starting to feel better...

Her first artwork...

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

28 Weeks Old

At 28 Weeks Old, Avery is...
  • Starting to hold her spoon and guide it to her mouth when I feed her.  She has now had blueberries, peas, bananas, zuchini and avocado. 
  • Loves "wallering on her pallet".

Adam:  Why do you call  it a pallet?
Me:  Because that's what it is
Adam:  A pallet is wooden and is for picking up heavy things with a forklift
Me:  And...a pallet is a bunch of blankets on the floor that you lie on
Silly California Boy :)  I'm glad Avery is going to learn what a "pallet" and "wallering" are from her mommy.
  • Has learned that she can roll to get places.  She's fast!
  • She loves sitting in her basket.  This is an old picnic basket that mom had (based on the color, I'm guessing it's really old!) and she discovered that Avery loves it.  She just hangs out in there with easy access to her toys.  

  • On Sunday, we decided to have some naked play time.  I laid out a puppy pad and a blanket and Avery got to just hang out without a diaper.  It sure was hard to keep her from rolling off onto the rug, but I think she really enjoyed it!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Girl Time

I took off work today so Cici could head back to Arkadoo and Avery and I could have an extra day together before she starts daycare on Monday.   We had so much fun!  We had lunch with Adam at Red Robin, checked on the Pitts's critters at the lake house and did some shopping. We got the cutest fabric to make Avery sheets for daycare! Avery rode in the shopping cart for the first time.   You could tell she felt like such a big girl.
She sure is going to miss seeing her Cici everyday!  We've been so lucky that the timing worked out so she could spend so much time with Cici, Pop, and the Pitts crew this summer.   Daycare is definitely going to be an adjustment, but hopefully her teachers will love her as much as we do.