Sunday, August 31, 2014

August 2014

In August, Avery turned 19 months old.  She spotted this gigantic alligator at Sam's Club with Cici and Pop, then talked me and Adam into buying it for her on the next trip.  She was pretty into it for a couple of it just hangs out in the playroom.

Great for lounging..

She got to spend some quality dress up time with Cici and Aunt Sissy.  She was LOVING all Aunt Sissy's accessories!

Avery moved into the Toddle Tot class at school.  This was her first day in her new classroom.  She's getting so big!

The move to the new classroom meant no more pack n play for nap time.  She did great sleeping on her new mat!

Putting on a little show for mommy and daddy.  I wonder where she gets that performance gene :)

Poor baby had a rough month healthwise!  She woke up one morning with this swollen eye.  The doc said it was a bug bite.  It looked horrible!  It turned black and blue before getting better.  I felt so bad for the poor baby.

I love this picture of Avery and her bestie Eryn!  So sweet!!!

Must haves during breakfast?  The Sesame Street gang and multiple binkies.

To wrap up the month, Avery got a horrible case of hand, foot and mouth.  She got sick the night before we were planning to leave for a trip to KC over the long Labor Day weekend.  Luckily we discovered she was sick before leaving.  She was miserable!  Covered in those horrible sores and she couldn't sleep at all.  I hope she never gets that again.

Cici brought over the quilt she made and I think it helped Avery start feeling a little better.  Here's to a healthier September!