Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September 2014

In September, Avery turned 20 months old.  She learned how to do a handstand!

She's still loving to read

I'm not really sure where to put her breakfast - there's no room with all these blankets and stuffed animals!

We got to go cheer on the Cardinals at Jayden's game in Pea Ridge.  It's always so fun to go see the Pitts boys!

Ready for some yummy Cracker Barrel breakfast.  She LOVES the hashbrown casserole...can you blame her?

She discovered the pool table.  It's a blast to throw pool balls!

Our big girl ready for school

Breakfast AND a tea party! 

We love the way she says "guacamole"...adorable!

She's also quite the gardener.  She plucked this tomato directly from the plant and started eating it like an apple!