Tuesday, June 25, 2013

5 Months Old

Clothes:  Mainly 3-6 months, but there are a few 6-9 month things that fit you.  It's been so much fun dressing you in all your cute outfits, smocked things and bows.  I think you must know that you are in a cute outfit because when I tell you how cute you are, you smile really big!

Diapers:  Size 3, but we will probably need to move up to the next size in a few weeks.

Schedule:  You eat 7 times per day.  You have 2 feedings in the morning before I go to work, you have 3-5oz bottles while I'm at work (recently increased from 4 oz.) and two feedings in the evenings.  You still take several naps during the day with at least 1 longer nap in the morning and afternoon (if Cici is lucky :)).

We usually start your bedtime ritual around 7:45 since you are already pretty sleepy.  For the past several weeks you have been waking up in the middle of the night to eat.  I think it must have just been a long growth spurt because the past couple of nights you haven't needed to eat.

Food:  You are still nursing exclusively.  This month you went through a phse where you woudl get extremely distracted while you were eating.  You would break to msile at your Cici or your Daddy, stare at the cieling, squeel - just about anything would distract you!  It seems to be getting a little bit better, so hopefully we are coming out of the phase.  We will start adding regular foods next month!

Temperment/Personality:   Your personality shows more and more each day. You really enjoy to be outside and around people and are such a sweet little girl.  You smile and laugh really hard when we tickle your feet or blow on your belly.  It's a deep belly laugh and I love it!

Likes:  Shelby!  You LOVE Shelby!  And I'm sure the feeling is mutual.  The other day, you were sitting in your exersaucer and Shelby came over.  You grabbed her face with both hands and brought it to you for lots of kisses.  You had your mouth wide open and were smiling so big while she licked your face.  I'm not a big fan of her licking your face, but it was still cute.

You have been riding in your stroller without the carseat and you have enjoyed being able to see out.  It makes it more comfy and cool for naps.

You also enjoy right after bathtime while I put your lotion on.  You just smile and talk and are so sweet that I could just eat you up!

Dislikes:  Having a wet diaper, especially when you are trying to eat.  We have learned to check your diaper before we try to feed you.

Happenings:  You are grabbing at everything and trying to put it in your mouth.  It's getting much harder to drink or eat while holding you because you want whatever we have.

You have also really made some improvements with sitting up.  We've been practicing for several weeks on the couch and you can sit up for a few seconds on your own on the floor.  When I put you on the bed, you sat up for a long time and were so proud of yourself!

You are rolling and scooting all over the place when we put you on your activity mat.  Sometimes it takes a toy to entice you to roll over, but once you get going it's really fun to watch.  We have noticed that you have really become interested in your toys more and some of the things that you didn't play with before are starting to become your favorites.

You are starting to lose your hair. :(  I didn't realize how much you had lost until I looked back at some old pictures.  It's also starting to get lighter which makes it look even thinner.  I'm just hoping you don't end up with a mohawk before it starts coming back.


Hanging out with Mim on the Bentonville Square..

Singing to Jayden...

Being a good girl while Mommy and Daddy eat at Flying Fish..

She scooted all the way off her activity mat!  (horrible pic quality because I took it on my phone)

Hanging at the dock with the Pitts crew...

She puts her toes in her mouth every chance she gets!


Monday, June 24, 2013

Beach Photo Shoot

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Cici, Pop and the Pitts crew all headed to Perdido Key for the annual family beach trip.  Adam and I had decided not to go since Avery was a little young to enjoy it.  Since my babysitters were all in Florida, I took the week off work.  When I realized that Adam was going to be in California this week, Avery and I decided to head on down to Florida.

Since it would have been a really long drive to take with a 4 1/2 month old, Avery and I decided to fly.  It was her first time to fly and my first time flying with a baby by myself.  Avery did great!  But I realized that it was a little harder than I expected trying to manage getting her and all of her gear through security and on/off the airplane. 

Avery waiting to board the plane at XNA.  This was before she spit up all over me :)

Avery spent lots of time playing with her feet.

Evan came to visit us...

And showed us that he can put his toes in his mouth too!!!

I think we finally had a little bit of a break through with Evan and Avery.  He has been pretty jealous of Avery and reluctant to give up his status as "baby" of the family.  Cici and I spent a lot of time telling all the things he could do that Avery can't yet and how he could teach her all those things.  He decided that it might not be too bad to be the big kid and no longer be the baby.

More hanging in the condo...

Evan brought a toad to join us for breakfast one morning!

There's nothing sweeter than all that baby soft skin cuddled in a soft blanket..

Headed to dinner and ate some great food

Evan went to dinner with me, Cici and Pop.  He decided to sit in the high chair - ha!

This momma cat and her kittens came out from under the deck after we had dinner one night.  By the time we left, there were 4 kittens and the daddy cat.  I bet they ate good hanging out by the fishing boats and restaurant!

Hanging by the pool and the beach..

Mom took this picture of Avery's hair.  It was just a little windblown ;).


Avery was not a fan of the water.  Every time I tried to put her feet in she would hold them up, then cry when they touched the water.  I think it was just a little too chilly for this little girl that likes her 95 degree bath water :)  I'm hoping that she will enjoy our pool at home once it gets a little warmer.


This little girl can sing! :)  As soon as we put on her sunglasses she starting "singing".  It was so cute that I had to capture it on video.

There are a few more pictures that I will add once I get them from Melissa.  Also, I'm going to do a seperate post with all our beach photo shoot pics.  We had a great time, but we sure wished Adam/Daddy could have been there with us!