Friday, October 31, 2014

October 2014

In October, Avery turned 21 months old.  What a wild month!  We started off the month with a little dancing in the kitchen...

Moved on to a playdate with Avery's BFF, Eryn.

Then Adam decided to take a new job with Ecolab, so we are relocating to Greensboro, NC.  Next stop, whirlwind house hunting trip!   Avery and I made the flight out by ourselves since Adam was already in Greensboro.  XNA has some pretty cool stuff to play with in the airport...

I downloaded Frozen on my tablet before we left.  What a lifesaver!

The Atlanta airport was a little boring, so we counted planes and ate snacks while standing on the table.

The Embassy Suites is always a blast and the one in Greensboro didn't disappoint.

Ready for some serious househunting.

Househunting, day 2

House hunting is not the most fun thing for a 2 year old, but Avery was a good sport.  We literally ran through most of the houses since she was really interested in grabbing everything in sight :)  We came back to the hotel for nap time and let her run the "loop" around the balcony to get some energy out.  We didn't even make it out for meals because by the time we got back to the hotel, she was DONE with being in the car.  Luckily we found a house!  

I think it will be perfect for us.  Adam kept Avery outside while I ran through and I kept her outside while Adam ran through.  I really don't remember much about it, but I remember that I liked it :)  Plus it has a koi fish pond and Avery cried for "my fishes" as we were leaving.  It was a hit with her!  We close on January 15th (at the latest).  Can't wait to get there and check out the city!

We got to do some more cheering for the Pitts crew!

And I snuck in a little photo shoot after the game.

Wally and Bubbles have really grown and Avery still loves having them around.  Here's Wally being a good sport and letting Avery dress him in a blanket and "hat".

RIP Killa (aka Betis)

Our sweet Killa was diagnosed with bone cancer after she broke her leg.  After several weeks of tests and trying to keep her comfortable, we decided it was time to put her to sleep.  We sure do miss this sweet girl.  She was always there for a cuddle on the couch and LOVED popcorn.  I still expect her to come running up anytime we pop a bag of popcorn.

We had Sonic for Killa's last meal.  She had a full double cheeseburger all for herself.

Avery was a fan of the cheese tots.

Sweet goodbye cuddles for our B

We love you Betis!

AHS Reunion 2014

We've started a new tradition with some of my friends from Arkadelphia.  We find a weekend in October and all meet up in Hot Springs for some great girl time.  We had lunch, did some shopping, got pedicures, had dinner and spent the night at the Nierengarten's lake house.  It's always so great to catch up with these ladies.  No matter how many years it's been, it always feels like it was just yesterday that we were in high school!

While I was in Hot Springs, Avery got to spend some good quality time with Cici and Pop.  A trip to Arkadelphia is not complete without coloring on the walls in the "secret" attic space.

Avery and Pop enjoying some fresh air on the back deck

 The hot tub is always a blast!

And who can resist "driving" the Winnebago.  Thanks to Cici and Pop for letting me relax and enjoy some good quality time with my friends!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September 2014

In September, Avery turned 20 months old.  She learned how to do a handstand!

She's still loving to read

I'm not really sure where to put her breakfast - there's no room with all these blankets and stuffed animals!

We got to go cheer on the Cardinals at Jayden's game in Pea Ridge.  It's always so fun to go see the Pitts boys!

Ready for some yummy Cracker Barrel breakfast.  She LOVES the hashbrown casserole...can you blame her?

She discovered the pool table.  It's a blast to throw pool balls!

Our big girl ready for school

Breakfast AND a tea party! 

We love the way she says "guacamole"...adorable!

She's also quite the gardener.  She plucked this tomato directly from the plant and started eating it like an apple!