Saturday, May 31, 2014

Disney World

Adam took a new job with Ecolab in April.  He was doing a lot of traveling, so when we found out that he had a conference in Orlando in May, Avery and I decided to join him!

We flew out the Sunday after Touch a Truck.  I was vice-chair for Touch a Truck this year, so it was a little wild!  The event was on Saturday, then I had to come home (exhausted), pack all of our stuff and get us to the airport on Sunday morning for our flight.  Avery did great on the flights.  She slept the whole first flight then snacked on the second flight.

We dropped Adam at his conference then headed to the hotel for a little exploring. 

Room service pizza on the floor!  Avery loves the Embassy Suites :)

Adam skipped out of his conference one morning so we could spend a few hours at Disney World.  It worked out perfectly and Avery really seemed to enjoy it.  I think she was a little awestruck at first, then really started getting into the rides.  We did Small World, the Pooh bear ride, the Little Mermaid ride, the carousel and looked around.  It was much warmer than we expected, but we had a blast!  I can't wait to go back now that she is a little older.

By the time we remembered to get the classic family pic in front of the castle, Avery was sacked out in the stroller :)

 We spent a little time at the hotel pool...very little time!

We started out at the kiddie pool and within 1 minute, she had completely dunked her head under water.  She was pretty much done after that.

Looking cute in her Minnie Mouse ears and Minnie Mouse cup.

 Cute little naked baby bum!

 We also did a little outlet mall shopping in Orlando.

We went to the Rainforest Cafe for dinner that night.  We didn't have much luck getting a good picture, but Avery thought it was pretty cool.  She especially like the aquariums.

More room service.

Super yummy blueberry muffin at the airport.  We were both covered in crumbs!

So glad we got to tag along on Adam's trip.  I have a conference in Orlando in March, so hopefully we can do it all again soon!

May 2014

In May, Avery was 16 months old. For some reason, I don't have a lot of pictures from May.  I'm guessing it's because we were in adjustment mode from Adam's new job.  Life was pretty hectic for a while there adjusting to him traveling during the weeks.  Avery was also getting more active...

Time for cabinet locks!

At her school Mother's Day party.  She was so busy, that this was the best picture I could manage!

No, it wasn't her birthday but it's always fun to put on a birthday hat!

She discovered her love of rocking chairs..

Just climbing on the biggie.

Happy Memorial Day!  We hung out at the lake. 

Welcome to the family Bubbles and Wally!  We were at Petco one day picking up some dog food and saw these two sweet adorable kittens.  Avery just had to have them.  We decided to go ahead and get the last 2 so brother and sister could stay together.  They have been so much fun!

 Wally thought the bathtub was pretty cool.  He jumped right in without any coaxing..Avery was in heaven!

Avery also got more comfortable playing on her slide playset.