Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Easter 2014

We woke up on Easter morning and guess what?  The Easter bunny came to see Avery!  He decided not to bring much candy this year, so she got books, pacifiers (hidden in the eggs), a new movie, some forks and a huge polka dot ball.

We headed to the Pitts for Easter lunch and some fun games...

Checking out what her cousins got from the Easter Bunny...

Some more egg hunting.  She was an expert by this point!

Trying for a four generation picture.  Avery wasn't being super cooperative.

But I think our family pics turned out pretty good and we even got some without the paci!

Cici and Pop with all their grands.  What a good looking crew! :)

Time for some Easter games..

The egg toss is always a hit!

And the medals for the winners were so cute!  

The Pitts always know how to throw a great party and Easter was no different!  

Pre-Easter Festivities

They had an Easter party at Avery's school the week before Easter.  It was perfect practice for the real event.  Mim, Cici, Pop and Adam all got to attend and watch the little cutie on her first Easter egg hunt.  She was really good at finding the Easter eggs and was even better when she realized they were full of goodies!  The dress was handmade from Grandma Johnson and looked super cute - perfect for an Easter party.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Hot Dog, Hot Diggity Dog!

Avery doesn't watch much TV, but occasionally we will put it on Disney Jr for a few minutes.   We discovered that she LOVES the Hot Dog song they play on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!   Dancing away...