Saturday, December 31, 2011

Friday, December 30, 2011

Introducing Big Bear & The Betis Ranch..

This is the inagural post on my new blog.  Many of you may have followed my old blog.  I've missed blogging so much that I decided to start back up again. 

So I'm introducing "Life at Big Bear & The Betis Ranch"...

Here's Big Bear (aka Vixen).  She recieved this name from Louise, who recently moved back home to London.  You have to agree that Vixen does look a lot like a big bear!  Big Bear lost her eyesight to cataracts a couple of years ago, but she hasn't let it slow her down.  She turned 12 years old earlier this month.

Here's The Betis (aka Killa).  She received this name from Adam since she is diabetic.  She started as Diabetis (ala Walter Brimley in the Liberty Medical commercials) and was quickly shortened to The Betis.  She is also known as Beti Beet, Shivabetis and Stinkabetis.  The Betis turned 7 years old in August.

I hope you enjoy reading about all the fun things that happen at Big Bear and The Betis Ranch!