Sunday, July 28, 2013

6 Months Old

Weight:  16lbs (50th percentile)
Height:  26" (75th percentile)
Diaper Size:  4
Clothes:  6-9 months

Avery turned 6 months old last Saturday.  This is such a fun age!   Avery loves:
  • Bathtime.  She has starting crying when I take her out.  She has bath toys, but she really prefers to play with the shampoo cup.
  • Shelby.  She grabs at Shelby anytime she gets close to her.  She's actually caught Shelby's tongue a couple of times with her super strong grip.  Shelby is always such a good sport :)
  • Laughing.  It doesn't take much to get this little girl going.  Some nights we will all just sit there laughing and laughing.  So. much. fun!
  • Grabbing anything within her reach.  And with her crazy strong grip, she can do some damage.
  • Reading books and magazines.  She squeels with delight anytime I pull out a book or magazine.  Since she is grabbing everything, I now really understand the benefits of board books
  • Sitting on her mat surrounded by her toys.  We bought her several new toys and she is just having a blast.  This is where we usually spend our evenings.
  • Playing with her toy puppy.  We actually bought this when she was pretty young because I had a $10 coupon.  I can't believe how she lights up when she sees or hears it!

  • Hanging out with the Pitts Boys.  She LOVES her cousins and I can't blame her - they are pretty cool.  She's gotten to spend quite a bit of time with them while she is staying with Cici and she just can't keep her eyes off them.  You can tell that she is loving getting to hang with the "big boys"
She also has some new skills:
  • Sitting up.  She can sit up for a while now.  She will still eventually fall over, but it takes a while.
  • Eating solid foods.  She had her first solid foods on Sunday.  She started with Bananas and loved them.  We added avocados this week and she wasn't much of a fan.  Then we discovered today that she loves avocados if she can eat them out of the mesh feeder (such a cool invention!).  I'm not sure what we will try next, but I think she's going to be a good eater
Yummy Bananas!

Loving some avocado in the mesh feeder

  • Putting her paci back in her mouth.  This is a big one!  She can grab her paci, turn it the right direction and put it back in the mouth.
  • Soothing herself back to sleep.  She has learned how to put her back to sleep which is wonderful now that she is in her crib all the way upstairs.  
Happy Birthday Avery!  Loving the wild hair - she had just woken up.

We did a little mini photo shoot on her birthday.  She wasn't in the best mood since it was almost nap time, but I still got a couple of good ones.  I was sad to realize that some of the pics that I liked had the driveway in the background...oops!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

25 Weeks Old

At 25 weeks, Avery is...

Hanging in the Boppy while I recovered some chair cushions in the craft/play room.  We were jamming to some music and she was having a blast!  She is really sitting up great on her own now, but isn't ready to hang out without someone there to catch her.

Showing off her cute little belly...

Took her first boat ride.  She was not a big fan of her life jacket so we let her take a breather while we were sitting in the dock.  She slept during most of the trip. The last pic was her napping on the floor on the boat.  Such a cutie!  It will probably be a while before we venture out on the boat again :)

Is rolling and scooting all over the place!  She spends lots of time hanging on her pallet surrounded by toys.  This was one morning right after she woke up...hence the crazy hair!

She fell asleep like this while she was watching me get ready one morning.  She very rarely sits in her bouncy chair anymore because she likes to sit up.  Such a big girl!

We had Coco and Rascal spend some time with us this weekend.  Rascal was getting some fresh air and then Shelby was keeping him company.

Avery turns 6 months old on Saturday.  Why can't time slow down?!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

There's Nothing Sweeter..

Than cuddling a naked baby at bath time until you glance down to see a HUGE wet spot on your shirt and realize that wasn't body heat you were feeling.  It was pee!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

24 Weeks Old

At 24 weeks old, Avery is...

Loving her new high chair.  Even though she hasn't started eating solids yet, she loves to bang on it and sit up high.

Hanging out while mommy works from home...

 Helping me cook pancakes...

Hanging in the bed with Daddy and Shelby on Saturday morning...

Sleeping with her arms sticking straight out..  Don't worry, I wasn't driving while I took this pic.  I had just stopped for gas.

This has nothing to do with Avery, but is just a cute pic of Shelby and Betis

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

23 Weeks Old

At 23 weeks, Avery is...

...sleeping in her crib like a big girl.  This is how she looked when she woke up that morning :)

....just chillin with her mommy expert at sitting up on the bed.  She stayed sitting up for a long time!

And then she got tired so she decided to lie down. 

Then her daddy started making her laugh. 

We love this fun, sweet little girl!!!