Monday, February 13, 2012

Birthdays and More Birthdays

This weekend has been full of birthday celebrations!  Not only did we celebrate my 31st birthday, but we also had an early birthday celebration for Jayden (his B-day is on Wednesday).  It was a perfect birthday weekend!

Saturday started off with a yummy breakfast and my first birthday gift from Adam.  He got me a super cute wristlet and a Coach gift card.  We headed out for some regular weekend errands and decided to stop by the Verizon store.  My phone has been acting crazy lately!  On Saturday morning it just started opening and closing apps, sending emails, etc. all on it's it's time for a new phone.  They didn't have the one I wanted in stock, so it should get here tomorrow.  I'm so excited!  It's purple!!!

After running some more errands, Adam and I decided to head to the lakehouse because my dad had asked me to come pick up a desk that he was keeping for me.  When we got there, I thought I noticed my sister's car down the road, but I thought it was just the neighbor's.  We walking in the lakehouse and....SURPRISE...the whole family crew was there for a surprise birthday party for me.  It was so much fun and I had no idea!!  I didn't have my camera, so Melissa took this pic.  It was incredibly girly, complete with pink cupcakes, a crown, and Hello Kitty plates and napkins! My mom posted about the party on her blog here.

I got tons of great swag for my birthday!  Here's my gifts from Adam...

Here are my gifts from the fam...

On Sunday morning, I had pancakes for breakfast on my Hello Kitty plates - too fun.  That afternoon we headed to Fayetteville for Jayden's skating birthday party.  I was pretty excited about skating since it had been close to 20 years since the last time I skated.  I only made one lap, then chickened out!  I guess the older you get the more you realize how painful falls can be.  Here's a few pics

We finished off the weekend by Adam cooking me homemade lasagna and watching a new episode of the Walking Dead (love it!) 

And just when I thought that my birthday was over, I got a phone call this morning to come down to the lobby at work for these from Adam...  How did I get so lucky??