Thursday, July 31, 2014

July 2014

In July, Avery turned 18 months old.  We spent 4th of July at the lake house with Cici and Pop, the Pitts and Mim.

Mim introduced her to tea and a new obsession was born..luckily she forgot about it after a few weeks :)

Her first time in the lake.  She thought it was pretty cool grabbing rocks from the bottom to throw.

This is what happens when you wear a regular diaper instead of a little swimmer...boom!

July is hot, so sometimes you just need to hang out in your diaper and rain boots.

One day after swimming, Avery grabbed a book and blanket and cuddled on the couch.  She was exhausted from making Mommy and Daddy throw her up in the air in the pool.

"Boo boo!  Bandaid?"  She didn't really have a boo boo, she just wanted a Hello Kitty bandaid.

Shopping with Cici

Adam and I got to go to the Miranda Lambert concert

Just rocking on the front porch of Cracker Barrell after breakfast one Sunday morning.

We had some of Adam's work colleagues over for dinner and a swim. Avery talked on of their little girls into reading to her.

How many pacis can Avery hold? Apparently at least 6!

Some pictures from daycare

She was in a cleaning mood on one of her many visits to Cici and Pops lakehouse.

We met Aunt Sissy at the Fayetteville farmer's market one Saturday morning.  There was a band playing outside while we ate breakfast.  Avery was jamming out!

**Note - I added a new video to the Easter and Disney posts


We decided to buy an Airstream trailer and after weeks of searching, we found the perfect one in Austin, TX.  Over the 4th of July holiday weekend, Avery went to spend the night with Cici and Pop while Adam and I drove to Austin.

We left super early in the morning, arrived in Austin around lunch to look at the Airstream then headed for some BBQ while we decided if we wanted to buy it.  We pick it up and started to head back.  Of course there was tons of crazy road construction that Adam got to drive through with a brand new trailer on the about scary!!  He did great and we made it to south Dallas before stopping for the night.  We headed back to Arkansas the next morning and for lots of fun adventures in our new Airstream!

We did some camping at home to get Avery used to the Airstream.  Luckily, she loves the "camper"!  We've spent many hours playing in it just sitting in the driveway.

These pics are all pre-decorating.  I've got some recovering to do and have already added new pillows and a comforter for the back bed.

Our first trip was a long weekend to Kansas City.  This was a picture from the was rough!  We learned that we should definitely plan trips around nap time because keeping a toddler occupied in the car is not easy :)  It was nice to be able to let her run around in the camper when we stopped for breaks.

We found a great campground outside of Kansas City with plenty of room to run around and very well kept.  We quickly learned that we had a water leak and couldn't use the water while we were there.  Good thing we were close to a bathroom.  Avery also got to take her first shower.  She thought it was pretty cool.

Most of the time we kept the table folded into a bed and she used it as a big playmat.

We headed to the zoo on Saturday.  It was super hot!!  So hot, that they gave everyone a 50% discount.  We were glad that we got there early in the morning, because it wasn't too bad yet.

Daddy's shoulders are the best place to see everything.

Avery thought is was super cool that when she said "Baa" the sheep said it back!  She got to practice naming all animals and saying their sounds.  We even learned a few new ones, like Polar Bear and Gorilla! 

Boy does that fan feel good!!

It was so hot, that we let Avery have her very first ice cream - Dippin' Dots!  My favorite..too bad she didn't want to share :)

One of my favorite exhibits.  I loved watching the penguins and hearing Avery say "penguin" it was air conditioned!

Adam took this picture so we would remember how fun it was to change diapers too - ha!

Avery was beat!  We ended up walking her back to the entrance and visitors center so she could finish off her nap in the air conditioning.

We were starving after all that hanging out at the zoo, so after a quick trip to Costco we picked up Gates BBQ and headed back to the campground.  This girl and her daddy love some ribs!

You can't go camping without spending a little time hanging out at the campground and playing at the playground.  We all looked a little ragged...but hey - we were camping!

A few weeks later, we took a quick buzz over to Eureka Springs for the weekend.  We stayed at the Eureka Springs KOA.  Avery really enjoyed playing at their playground because they had a little play house.

We hung out at a biker bar for lunch.  Pop would have been proud!

We also went to Turpentine Creek.  I think we would have had a little more fun if it wouldn't have been so miserably hot, plus it was hard for Avery to see the big cats.

She was beat!

We had breakfast at a yummy local place before heading back home.  I'm convinced the high chair was older than me!

I can't wait for all the new fun adventures we will have in our Airstream in North Carolina.  It's a great way to explore!